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I’m currently studying Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Minnesota - Morris. I plan on graduating with a BA in Computer Science in May of 2022. My interest in Computer Science really started to grow when I was part of my Highschools robotics team and designing the team’s website. Since then, my interest in computers and the underlying “science” behind them hasn’t stopped growing. I like to think of myself as a problem solver who enjoys working on problems either by myself or with a team of like-minded individuals.

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Main webpage of the EVOTSP project

Evolutionary Traveling Sales Person Project

Key Technologies:
  • AWS
  • Lambda Functions
  • DynamoDB
  • IAM Roles

  • (Download the full write up here or visit the GitHub Repository )

    The purpose of this application was to allow for an evolutionary process to find the best solution to the “Traveling Salesperson Problem,” a problem that figures out the shortest route from a given set of locations and distances. This was accomplished by using the skills we learned throughout the Processes, Programming, and Languages: Programming for Cloud Computing course offered by the University of Minnesota – Morris. These skills included many technologies offered by Amazon's Web Services (AWS) including Lambda functions, DynamoDB Databases, and some others.

    The application’s architecture consists of an HTML web app that displays the evolutions at work. Behind the scenes, several Lambdas using JavaScript are called upon via a REST API which then returns the requested data to the web app. Meanwhile, certain lambdas are also responsible for adding certain “routes” to the DynamoDB database which is used throughout the application. IAM roles are also utilized to give permissions to the lambdas to write and read from the databases.

    Brochure for UMMLaundry project showcasing its various features

    UMM Laundry Project (Software Design)

    Key Technologies/Techniques:
  • Typescript
  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • Agile

  • (Download the full write up here or visit the GitHub Repository )

    The purpose of the laundry project was to provide an easy to use web app for students to see the status of laundry machines. Students would be able to see how much time was left on their load of laundry, see what machines were open, and which machines were having problems. Students could also report a machine if it was having problems. The student could also sign up for email notifications for when their load was complete.

    By using Angular, we were able to make a user friendly experience to display the app. We also used CSS to make the web app super responsive so that it looked great on any device. The web app also used some pretty simple cookies to save a students preferred laundry location so that when ever they opened the app, it would auto direct to that facility. The backend consisted of a MongoDB database while running on a Java Spark server. The server/site was then hosted on DigitalOcean while utilizing CloudFlare to get HTPPS. Agile methodologies were used throughout the development of the web app. My personal contributions were focused on the user experience (dark mode, CSS changes, responsiveness, etc.) I also implemented the cookie system and HTTPS via CloudFlare.

    Text describing scope of data mining project

    Analysis of the ‘London Bike Sharing Dataset’ (Data Mining)

    Key Technologies:
  • Python
  • Pandas
  • scikit-learn

  • (Download the full write up here or visit the GitHub Repository )

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